Thunguri PB, Nyeri District, Kenya (350g)

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Thunguri PB, Nyeri District, Kenya (350g)

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Peaberry: Lemon, Berry, Vanilla

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Peaberry? I hear you ask - well, put simply a peaberry is not a normal occurrence, they form when one of the two coffee beans in the coffee cherry isn't fertilised and so the remaining bean develops into a single, rounded coffee bean without the customary flat face to it. The peaberry is often removed during sorting and sold in separate lots. The peaberry roasts very differently to a normal lot of coffee, roasting very evenly due to it's high density and the fact that all the other beans in the lot are of a very similar shape and size.


The Thunguri Coffee Factory

The Thunguri coffee factory is a small operation serving some of the 800 members of the Rumukia Farmers Co-operative.

All of the coffee is hand picked and sorted prior to pulping, fermentation and washing. The process is meticulous, with farmers ensuring cherries are brought to the washing station for sorting within hours of picking. The cherries are then carefully sorted to ensure damaged and unripe cherries are removed, leaving only the ripest cherries for pulping. Once washed and fermented, the coffee is dried on raised african style drying beds. Discoloured and damaged beans are then removed to ensure the coffees sent for further dry processing are of the highest quality. 


A summary of the vitals:

Region: Nyeri District, Kenya

Altitude: 1600 - 1800 meters

Varietals: Peaberry SL28, SL34

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised african drying beds

Grower: Rumukia Farmers Co-operative, Thunguri washing station

Flavour notes: In the cup, look for a vibrant lemon acidity with rounded berry, a full body and lingering vanilla.

Cupping Score (SCAA): 88

Suggested Serving: Roasted for filter, but a great espresso.