El Mirador by Ananias Perez, Huila, Colombia (350g)

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El Mirador by Ananias Perez, Huila, Colombia (350g)

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Dark Cocoa, Floral, Strawberry, Lemon and Hazelnut

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Sourced through our partners on the ground in Huila, Colombia - El Mirador is a farm owned by Ananias Perez Santanilla and his family, growing Caturra (80%), Colombia and Castillo varietals at an altitude of between 1500-1800m. This year (2015), Ananias placed 5th in the Colombia North Cup of Excellence programme for this lot, a hugely important award and a real nod towards the fantastic quality Ananias and his family have managed to produce. 

The coffee is all handpicked by the family, with some support from surrounding farmers in the main harvest season (In Colombia there are usually two harvests, the larger main harvest in October, November and December and a second 'fly-crop' in June, July). It's then transported by mule to the wet mill where the cherries are placed into water and floating cherries eliminated. Following this, the cherries are sorted, pulped to remove the cherry flesh and skins and transferred to fermentation tanks until the mucilage is completely removed. The beans are then transferred to the parabolic drying house where they are dried to the desired moisture content for around 30 days. The importance of careful washing and drying cannot be underestimated in the final flavour profile!

Ananias is very much a family man, which drives his wish to produce better quality coffee and more of it. Coffee is everything to the family and their recent Cup of Excellence placing will help them to expand with plans to plan another 10,000 trees. We're so incredibly pleased to be a small part of this fantastic success story.

In the cup, look for a dark cocoa notes, complex florals, strawberry, lemony acidity and a nutty finish

SCAA score: 89

Suggested: Single Origin Espresso or Filter (please specify when ordering so we can tweak your roast!)